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We are a group of local residents with an interest in the history of the park and surrounding areas. We aim to pull together as much information as possible into one complete collection to be enjoyed by local people and visitors now and in the future.

A parks heritage is made up of its place in a towns history and growth but more importantly, within the personal memories and anecdotes of its users.

As well as collecting photographs and facts, a large part of our project will be about collecting and recording long forgotten memories, uncovering urban legends and recording stories of yesteryear before they are lost forever.

We would like also to organise events that will bring people back into the park and make it once more the beating heart of our vibrant community.

We are a friendly group who meet on an informal monthly basis and we are delighted to invite you to join us.

Please don't feel you lack the skills to be involved, training in research, using the computer, using the recording equipment will be offered, however it's not compulsory !

The level and depth of your involvement is entirely up to you.

The aims of the group are:

* To conserve and preserve the heritage value of the park

* Work in partnership with other groups

* Increase visitor understanding and appreciation of the parks heritage

* Conserve and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the park

* Promote sustainable use of the park now and in the future

* Increase community participation in the local heritage of the park

* Increase access to information about the heritage of the park

You can register your interest or get more information by emailing us at info(at)alexparkmanchester.org.