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Sport & Physical Activity

Alexandra Park Sports & Group Activity Group brings together a range of Clubs, Groups and Organisations who deliver Sport and Physical Activity within the park in partnership with Manchester City Coumcil. The aim of the group is to work collectively together to

•    Develop the Sport & Physical activity offer within the park whilst increasing participation
•    Effectively promote the Sport & Physical Activity on offer within the park
•    Share good practice between all partners of the Sport & Physical Activity Group
•    Develop individual and joint funding applications of the groups partners
•    Work collectively to offer come & try activities at key events within the park
•    Develop sustainable and fit for purpose Clubs in the park

Sports facilities on offer in the park
•    321 Running routes  
•    5km Running Route
•    Cricket pitch & Changing rooms
•    Football pitch & Changing rooms
•    4 Tennis courts & Changing rooms

Other Physical activity on offer in the park
•    Community Cycling & Bike Maintenance sessions
•    Coca Cola Park Lives – Community Physical Activity Programme

Download 2017 Cricket Calendar.
If you would like further information regarding Sport and Physical activity taking place within the park or would like to book any of the sport facilities then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..